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Drew Hall

Drew Hall, inheriting the legacy of his father, Don Hall, stands at the forefront of Don Hall Construction Inc., steering the company with the same dedication to quality and craftsmanship that marked its inception. Under Drew's leadership, the company continues to flourish, upholding the esteemed reputation for excellence in new and custom homes established by Don. Drew's expertise, honed under his father's mentorship and enriched by his own experiences as a skilled builder and real estate broker, ensures that every project undertaken by DHCI is imbued with a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Drew, a Certified Master Builder, infuses each build with the hallmarks of the Hall family name: integrity, quality, and a deep understanding of the trade, promising a future for DHCI as robust and distinguished as its past.

A Closer Look

How it Started

Humble Beginnings


Don Hall started working for a home builder on his framing crew, framing new construction and remodel projects.

Picking Up Speed


Don was hired by another custom home builder as his superintendent overseeing multiple job sites and trades, while also completing warranty work for the builder's past clients.

A Minor Speed Bump


Unfortunately, the builder was forced to let Don go at the end of a slow year.

Blessing in Disguise


This led to the creation of Home Details by Don, which was later renamed, Don Hall Construction Inc.



Don's son, Drew, a 2nd generation builder and real estate broker, stepped in to keep the DHCI legacy alive after Don's untimely passing. Much like Don, Drew framed houses in his later teens, worked with various trades, and has managed construction and real estate projects since 2005.

The Man Who Started It All

Don Hall

Don Hall initiated his career in construction, quickly advancing from framing to supervising multiple projects. Despite setbacks, he established Home Details by Don in 1989, which evolved into Don Hall Construction Inc. Specializing in new and custom homes, Don's reputation soared. Mentoring his three sons in the trade, the legacy continued with Drew, a skilled builder and real estate broker, who took the helm of DHCI after Don's passing in 2021 to carry the torch for the family's dedication to quality construction and real estate expertise.

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Building a home is a very detailed process and we realize that you may have several questions. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!

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